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Lifestyle Consulting Services

"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn no one can stop you." - Zig Ziglar

We take a no BS approach to lifestyle consulting we help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals by providing customized advice and guidance. We are passionate about helping our clients help themselves. After years of observing the traditional world of lifestyle consulting, We decided to take a different approach.

As lifestyle consultants, We specialize in working with clients to identify their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and goals. We help are clients develop personalized plans to improve their health, wellness, career, relationships, and overall quality of life. Taking a holistic approach to coaching, considering all aspects of our clients' lives in order to provide the most effective guidance. We are committed to you and your success depends upon your commitment to yourself.

 We offer a unique combination of skills that allows us to provide practical advice and guidance to our clients. Listening and communication, combined with a talent for motivating and inspiring our clients to take action is at the forefront of our success. Are you ready to break free of the patterns and self-sabotaging stories that hold you back? Call us for a free consultation and lets see if we are a good fit.

Our clients appreciate our warm and compassionate approach, as well as our commitment to helping them achieve their goals. We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the coaching process, and we are always available to answer questions and provide feedback. Are you ready to create an action plan? Call us to schedule a consultation.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, advance your career, start a business, build better relationships, be a better partner, or simply live a more fulfilling life. You have come to the right place. We are committed to your success! Call us and together we will create an action plan.

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Residential & Commercial Services

Let us be your go-to for all things home and lifestyle

As a full-service residential & commercial maintenance company. We offer a wide range of services to help home and business owners like yourself maintain and improve their properties. Some of the services that we provide are:

  1. Property maintenance

  2. Housekeeping and cleaning services

  3. Garden/ seasonal maintenance

  4. Home renovation and remodeling (project management)

  5. Painting and wall repair

  6. Window cleaning

  7. Carpet cleaning and flooring installation

  8. Pest management

  9. Home security and smart technology consulting

  10. Handyman services for minor repairs and installations

  11. Emergency and weather-related planning.

This is a short list of the services we offer contact us today to discuss your needs. We have a network of professionals ready to serve you.

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Project management

From concept to completion, we've got you covered

Andrew is an experienced project manager with a passion for driving results and exceeding expectations. With over two decade of experience in project management, Andrew has led teams in a wide range of projects. He takes pride in his ability to communicate effectively and exceed expectations.

In his free time he enjoys cooking, hiking, cycling, and spending time with family and friends.

If you're looking for a skilled and experienced project manager who can help you achieve your project goals, look no further.

For more info, call or text us at 734.436.3820

Proudly serving the following areas in Michigan, Chelsea, Dexter, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Brighton, and Fenton. We are always expanding our service area and will travel to where you need us. Please contact us for work outside of our radius.

2723 South State Street, STE 150, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104


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